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Mentorships for R+ Pet Pros. Business & Behavior Mentorships to Unleash Your Potential!

Feeling like your potential is limited because you lack the marketing & business skills to compete in the market?

Don't have the funds to hire an expensive marketing company?

A lot of the frameworks and skills you need for your business, you CAN learn! You just need the guidance and encouragement of a business mentor, with real experience in your field, to teach you!

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Spinning your wheels because you don't have the marketing skills or a focused plan?

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The Reality for R+ Pet Professionals

R+ Pet Professionals have unique challenges
Small business owners now have to wear a lot of "hats.
Finding a mentor that specializes isn't easy

This is emotionally taxing work. As force-free professionals we are constantly advocating for humane practices which challenges the societal norm of using punishment with animals. Educating clients and the public and dodging trolls & nay-sayers can take a toll.

From social media posts, booking and client reports to email marketing and creating funnels; small business owners now have to understand how to implement these strategies outside of the actual "work" they are doing day to day.

I am a bit unique in that I've worked in marketing & advertising for the first part of my "working life" and then shifted over to dog training & behavior consulting. I now specialize in reactivity consulting only. I have a unique set of skills to share!

I focus on accelerating your growth & expanding your skillset by teaching you business & marketing frameworks that are simple & effective.

My background & experience

Working with a mentor is a big decision! Just like any other working relationship, you want to make sure that you're choosing someone who has the experience and qualifications to help you reach your goals.

  • 15 years in advertising & marketing
  • 12 years in dog training & behavior
  • IAABC, CTC, Fear Free, BC SPCA Animal Kind

Mentorships for dog trainers typically focus on one aspect, either behavior or business. With my unique background I can focus on both. And you don't have to worry about judgement with me, I always have your back.

Worried you aren't skilled enough to work with certain clients?

Frustrated with the amount of time you spend on social media and aren't seeing a return?

Gain valuable insights, personalized guidance, and the confidence to conquer any challenge in your journey as an R+ pet professional.

Mentorships focused on business & behavior for force-free professionals.

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    Mentorships for dog trainers & pet professionals focusing on business & behavior

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