Achieve the results you deserve as an R+ Pet Professional.

The Collective that inspires, supports and helps you succeed in your R+ training business.


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

Oprah Winfrey

Avoid Expensive Pitfalls

Why make mistakes that will cost you time and money when you can avoid them?

Combat Compassion Fatigue

One of the biggest challenges in the pet care/training industry. Learn how to manage it.

Smash Imposter Syndrome

Do you have self-doubt, negative self talk and feeling alone in the process? We can help you overcome this.

Build A Business That is Structurally Sound

Without a solid foundation and structure in place, your business will not survive or thrive.

Set And Meet Financial Goals

Yes, you do deserve to make a good living! You’ve invested a lot to become a great trainer. Now is the time to plan for the future.

Take Consulting Skills To The Next Level

Consulting isn’t easy! Improve client counseling skills, systems & processes for better results.

2 Ways We Can Work Together

The Catalyst Program

  • Business structure
  • Online booking
  • Policies and procedures
  • Onboarding processes
  • Social media
  • Content creation
  • Client acquisition & retention
  • Marketing and much more…

The Behavior Consulting for Reactivity Mentorship

  • Feeling the imposter syndrome when it comes to taking cases? This Mentorship specifically coaches and supports you through taking cases from start to finish
  • Meet weekly for coaching sessions
  • 8 weeks in length
  • Case studies to work through
  • Ask questions you’re afraid to ask!

What our clients are saying…

The Collective is only as good as the members within. We are lucky enough to have some amazing people who make the Collective what it is!



I can’t believe the progress I’ve made…

Since joining the Collective last year, I have made the move to being fully self employed! This was a scary step, but the info and guidance provided helped me put the supports in place for a smooth transition. I can’t believe the progress I have made in this time. Renée has contributed so much to my business growth and I am so grateful! She celebrates with me and has been a fantastic cheerleader, it is clear that she wants nothing but success for members and is truly proud of what we can achieve. Thank you Renée!



I didn’t know how much I needed this.

Without this Collective I wouldn’t have built the confidence that I can be successful within this profession, let alone quit my job and get it started. I didn’t know how much I needed a community like this. It has been a major game changer and the support is like nothing I could have imagined. Also, the course content is killer.



You won’t regret it!

Being part of the Mentorship Collective has been so good for me in my first year of owning a business. The pet industry is a wild one but through the Collective I’ve met so many amazing people that have had my back and are going through the same ups and downs as me. If you’re thinking about joining this wicked community of like minded folks, do it, you won’t regret it!


Los Angeles

100% Recommend.

The Mentorship Collective has been a valuable piece to my development as a new dog trainer, both the course and the group membership which have helped me to build confidence in my consulting abilities while accounting for the factors to maintain a long-lasting career. Personally, creating a website is not my strong suit and with the help of the Collective I can understand in fine detail the process of moving my business online. The Collective is a valuable source of resources for new and established pros, Renée is very considerate in creating a service that is accessible by offering an affordable solution for all dog trainers.



My business has been completely transformed.

I went from being completely

over-worked and burned out, not charging enough for my services to now

working with “unicorn clients”, working LESS and being more profitable! I

am much happier and would highly recommend the Mentorship Collective

and Renée’s guidance for all dog trainers and pet professionals who

really want longevity in this business. 



So comforting and grounding.

The Mentorship Collective has been invaluable to me. The support and encouragement have really helped me grow my confidence. Knowing there is a group of people who are both cheerleaders and shoulders to cry on, or to just listen, is so comforting and grounding. It’s amazing being being able to collaborate and brainstorm with so many different professionals. I can’t thank the collective enough for the level of support I have received.

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