Lacking Motivation?

Today’s inspiration comes from my own lack of motivation. Yes, it’s true, I suffer from this as well! It’s hard to understand why we can sometimes hit a wall and feel uninspired to not only get the day-to-day tasks completed, but to work on or complete projects and write reports that may be piling up for clients. 

That Time of Year?
I have to ask if the time of year matters. We’ve just come out of the holiday season, the weather may not be the greatest and let’s face it, the state of the world at the moment isn’t exactly something to get excited about. A lot of us have been seeing fewer people and interacting in person less than normal for over two years. Perhaps a lot of us have simply hit a wall. 

It’s important to recognize that it’s normal for our motivation to wax and wane. We aren’t machines built to produce 24/7. There are a lot of expectations put on small business owners and we wear a lot of hats. I don’t know about you, but I have high expectations for myself and when I don’t feel motivated to reach goals I tend to feel pretty down about it.  We are our own worst critics!

So, What to Do?
Going it alone is probably the worst thing we can do but it comes naturally for many of us to turn inward and isolate. That’s dangerous because your self-talk may turn pretty negative. Reach out. Do you have a group of colleagues or friends that help motivate you when you are feeling lacklustre? I had to recognize that I needed a boost, I needed to connect and collaborate with others to pull myself out of the dumps. I connected with my business coach (yes, I have my own coach!) and started to set goals for the next quarter.  We can’t do this alone! There is strength in numbers. And just know, if you are feeling unmotivated or stuck, we are waiting for you in the Mentorship Collective. 

So, to give you some ideas, I hope the below helps:
• Connect with a mentor or group (like us!)
• Talk with friends and family about how you are feeling
• Plan for the next quarter of your business, what targets would you like to reach?
• Recognize your past successes and how you got thereRealize that you can reach and surpass the goals that you do set

You can always set up a call with me to discuss how we can work together so you can set and reach those goals in your business that you deserve to achieve!

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Lacking Motivation?
Today’s inspiration comes from my own lack of motivation. Yes, it’s true, I suffer from this as well! It’s hard …

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