With over 10+ years of being in the industry I have helped countless R + Pet Professionals create successful and sustainable businesses that don’t burn them out.

Do you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night with that nagging feeling that you could be doing so much more with your business?

Is the majority of your clientele draining your energy and passion from your work? 

Do you feel like you aren’t getting ahead financially despite working long hours and with a long list of clients?

Do you really want to be in the same place you are 1 year from now? (or even 6 months?)

(Do you feel seen yet? LOL!)

You have some choices:

You can continue to piecemeal information from different sources, that haven’t experienced or overcome these same challenges, and hope for the best.

You can keep doing what you’re doing and continue to crash and burn every few months.

You can try and overcome your imposter syndrome by enrolling in another animal behaviour or training course (it doesn’t work, believe me I’ve tried!)

Or you can take control and create the business YOU want and deserve, void of burnout, stress, anxiety and uncertainty.

I help R+ dog trainers maximize profits without burn out by implementing the streamlined systems they need to position themselves as the trusted professional they are (and deliver a great client experience!)

Renée Erdman, CTC, DipCBST, ACDBC, Fear Free Certified

Long-term success in this industry takes doing the work, being authentic, and remaining humble.

I won’t tell you that there are quick fixes and fast solutions within any business. I’ve spent 15 years working in marketing and 11 years in training & behavior. I’ve created that multi-six figure business in this business, now I am sharing all I can to help you get there or wherever you desire to be.

Healthy Businesses

A big push on personal & professional development = biz health.

Our approach to building a successful R+ dog training business is two-fold; personal health & wellness (mentally & physically) and your business “health”.

Working with dogs and humans is hard! The dynamics are complicated and often times we burn-out regularly.

These cycles can affect your success… and, it’s not wrong to desire financial freedom and mental wellness while doing what you love.

The Mentorship Collective was created to help you do all of these things within a supportive community of professionals and students that won’t judge you for any questions you have. Force-free trainers, groomers, dog walkers and pet professionals are all welcome!

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