Everything I wish I knew before I started my dog training business! The foundation to your business must be solid… not an afterthought. We only open this up periodically through the year.

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One year access to the Business Builder Course ($1500 value)


One year access to the Mentorship Group

($1000 value)


One private goal-setting session with Renée

($200 value)

"How can I take the course?"

We only open up the Business Builder Course a handful of times during the year. Get on the notification list.

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How many lessons & topics are covered?


Develop an authentic business through identifying your values, mission statement and non-negotiable

Define your scope of practice, the clients you’d like to work with, how to create packages, specializing and virtual services

Attack social media, branding, client attraction strategies, booking systems and policies

How to work with clients effectively through better listening skills, reframing and setting expectations for both parties

Combat Imposter syndrome, compassion fatigue and burnout

Behavior consultations & how virtual consults are structured

Email marketing

"What's included in the Catalyst Program?"

Core Membership

Take a look at Core Membership benefits!

Three months access is included when you take the Business Builder Course.

Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions

Group Zoom coaching sessions every week! Monthly guests. Collaboration and community.

Access to our F.I.R.E. Framework

No rush to complete the course, go at your own pace. Go back to modules when you need to as you work through your goals.

Sure, you can DIY or piece-meal the information, but it will cost you so much more!

Marketing Agency

Business Mentor

Social Media Course

Generic Business Course

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Get Notified!

Be the first to know when the Business Builder course is open for enrolment!

Get Notified!

Be the first to know when the Business Builder course is open for enrolment!

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