Group Memberships

Group Memberships are designed to give you the best value for your investment.

2 options to choose from! Cancel your membership any time, no long-term commitment. Core+ memberships are a small group coaching experience that will boost your business.

Start engaging and developing professional relationships with others in the R+ dog behavior and training community.

Learn, collaborate and grow!

We like to think we have something for everyone at the Mentorship Collective!



Sunday Biz Zooms

Exclusive member forum

Website Tools

Zoom Café

10% Template Discount

10% off Biz Builder Course



2 Small Group Biz Coaching Sessions every month

Sunday Biz Zooms

Website Tools

Zoom Café

Exclusive Member Forum

15% Template Discount

15% off Biz Builder Course

Membership Features

Sunday Biz Zooms

Every Sunday (except Cdn holidays)

at 9:00am PST

60 minutes

Various business and professional topics

Guest speakers


Small Group Coaching (Core+)

Held twice a week, you may attend one and sign-up ahead of time

Mondays at 11am/PST or

Wednesdays at 5pm/PST

45 minute meetings

Up to 3 participants

Zoom Café

Every 2nd Wednesday at 5:30pm PST

All members welcome

Not moderated or recorded

Collaborate with peers

Go over case studies/ideas

Website Tools


Access to feature presentations

Coaching Zoom recordings

Member Forum

Online forum to discuss your business questions, share resources and get to know your Mentorship members


Another great benefit to membership is the discounts you receive on our Templates and Business Builder Course


Guest Speakers

Every month the Collective will host guests to speak on a range of topics such as:

  • Business Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Mental Health
  • Client Coaching Skills


Josh Boutelle: Digiwoof


Writer, Designer, (& former dog trainer)

Josh has been building websites since 2013 and specializes in creating quality websites for R+ dog walkers, dog trainers & other pet care professionals.

After owning a dog training business in San Francisco for over a decade and mastering web design & marketing for his own businesses, Josh has been helping dog pros full-time since 2018. With a background in both design & dog training, he understands the R+ pet care industry and how to best layout

your services to have potential customers flocking to you.

When Josh isn’t designing websites and logos, he’s cycling, snowboarding, or hiking with his wife Mandy & dogs Fern & Pip in the Oregon woods.

Are you ready to start making significant changes in your business?

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